Indexes to the Decorative Arts Society 1850 to the present day Journals nos. 1-35.

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This Index marks the achievement of the Decorative Arts Society in publishing an annual Journal of scholarly research since its creation in 1975. An Index of Journals Nos. 1 to 20 was published in 1997 in hard copy, but at this time the Committee decided to issue a consolidated Index up to Journal No. 35 on our website, in order to make it generally available. Later in the year, back numbers of the DAS Journal are expected to become available via JSTOR.

Our gratitude goes to the compiler, Geraldine Beare, for her hard work, and to Judy Rudoe who helped to check the entries.

Robert Wilson, Chairman

February 2013

There are two indexes to the Journals. The Title/Author index covers all the titles and authors. The title appears in italics. In parenthesis after the titles are the surnames of the authors, or occasionally the magazine from which the article has been taken. 
The Subject index is mainly a name index though there is a separate category for exhibitions and fairs. Buildings are listed as main headings with their geographical location in parenthesis. Geographical locations are also listed as main headings with buildings in their vicinity listed as subheadings. Company names which sound like people have been indexed using the ‘surname’ with forename/s or initials in parenthesis, e.g. Dorn (Marion) Ltd. Please note that in this instance, there is also a heading for Marion Dorn herself and this situation can be found elsewhere in the index. 
Pages in italics indicate that there is an illustration present. However, since every article is illustrated, not every illustration is individually listed particularly if the text concerning an illustration is on the same page.  
Volume numbers appear in bold.