This grant is to assist with travel connected to research in the decorative arts.  It is available to decorative arts professionals, researchers and postgraduate students with priority being given to those working in or attached to publicly-funded UK museums or institutions.

The research would need to demonstrate public benefit and relevance to the DAS and its aims and lead to an outcome for the Society such as an article in its Journal or Newsletter.  Awardees would also need to take on personal membership of the DAS for a year (discounted for members of the Society of Decorative Arts Collections).  Funding would cover travel and subsistence in connection with the research up to a maximum of £1000.

How to Apply: include in your application a brief CV, the outline of the overall project, details of the research trip and how it fits into the overall project, the budget for the trip, a letter of reference/support from you institution, and the outcomes expected from the research trip.

Deadline for Application: applications should be made ad hoc to Sarah Nichols, Chair of the DAS Grants Committee, at, who is happy to respond to any queries.

See award history for previous awardees