Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is mandated by the Trustees to award two Collections Access Grants (each of up to £5000), five acquisition grants (each of up to £2000), and five travel bursaries (each of up to £1000) a year. Any further awards need to go to the Trustees for final approval. The committee receives the applications and discusses their worth, particularly in relationship to the DAS and its aims and then votes on them.


Sarah Nichols, (Chair Grants Committee), DAS trustee, formerly Chief Curator, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh

Margaret Baird, DAS trustee, collector

Hilary Barton, DAS trustee, collector

Frances Dunkels CVO, DAS trustee, Director of Communications and Business Development, Royal Collection Trust

Martin Levy FSA, Chair DAS, DAS trustee, London-based dealer in furniture and works of art

Judy Rudoe FSA, DAS trustee, Curator: 1700 to the Present, British Museum

Dr Nicholas Shrimpton, literary critic and historian, collector, Emeritus Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Marina Vaizey, DAS patron, art critic, writer, former council member of the Crafts Council and Arts Council