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2023 Collections Access Grant awarded to the Stourbridge Glass Museum

Image: Keith Murray description book and Gray-Stan pattern book in the new display case ©Stourbridge Glass Museum.

The museum opened its doors in 2022 and has a temporary exhibition gallery and permanent displays highlighting the history of the Stourbridge Glass Quarter, facilities for artists for hot and cold glass and a busy programme of events. It is also actively collecting and the CAG (£5000) is for a special case to display archival material. This includes the recently conserved Stevens and Williams pattern and design books, a recently acquired set of Whitefriars factory set of designs and glassmakers’ drawing boards including 1960s vases by Geoffrey Baxter and the Keith Murray description book and original designs for glass.

2023 Collections Access Grants awarded to Dorich House Museum and Lotherton Hall

Image: Blue cased opaline glass bratina with gilt decoration, after a design by Elisaveta Bem for the Maltsov Crystal Works, c. 1885 © Dorich House Museum, Kingston University. Photo: Ellie Laycock

Dorich House Museum in Kingston upon Thames was the home and studio of the sculptor Dora Gordine (1895-1991) and her husband, Richard Hare (1907-1966), an avid collector of Russian art and artefacts. Hare’s Russian collection was the largest assembled by a British collector. This Collections Access Grant of £5000 will facilitate research into Hare’s Russian collection, focussing on the late 19th and early 20th century lacquer, glass, silver and vernacular design. It will allow the museum to make substantial progress towards publishing an illustrated catalogue of the collection, which also includes paintings, engravings, icons and furniture.



Image: Lamp by W.A.S. Benson before restoration, c. 1895 ©Leeds Museums and Galleries [Accepted in lieu of Inheritance Tax by H M Government from the estate of Beatrix Cooper and allocated to Leeds Museums & Galleries, 2021].

Lotherton Hall, part of Leeds Museums and Galleries, is where its important collection of later 19th and 20th century decorative arts is displayed. The Collections Access Grant of £2500 is for the conservation of four Arts and Crafts light fixtures in the museum’s collection, three designed by C. F. A. Voysey for Moor Crag, Windermere and one designed by W.A.S. Benson. Once conserved the lights will go on display and enhance the important story of electricity at Lotherton, a house rebuilt with all mod cons in 1903 for the Gascoigne family.





2019 Kelmscott Manor/Society of Antiquaries to enable the redisplay in a purpose-built case of the important embroidery The Homestead and the Forest, 1890, designed by May Morris and embroidered by Jane Morris (£2500) 


Blackwell Master Bedroom


Horrockses Fabric



The institutions listed are where the awardees worked when applying for the bursary.