Journal 38    

“This special edition of the Decorative Arts Society Journal has been produced in association with the William Shipley Group for RSA History, an independent body which organised a conference in November 2012 on the International Exhibition of 1862. Members of the DAS took part in this stimulating event, in some cases as speakers. We are delighted to issue the papers of the conference for the interest of our members and the benefit of a wider audience. Complemented by a fine range of prints and other illustrations, they remind us of the scale and ambition of this less well known Exhibition. We express our thanks to the Group, its sponsors, and Susan Bennett, its Honorary Secretary, for helping to make publication possible."


  • Review of the Year 2014

  • The Origins of the 1862 Exhibition and its Place in History - John R. Davis

  • South Kensington’s Forgotten Palace
    The rise and fall of the 1862 Exhibition building
    Dale Dishon

  • Medals for the Great Exhibitions of 1851 and 1862 Mark Jones

  • ‘The progress and present condition of Modern Art’
    Fine art at the 1862 Exhibition
    Julius Bryant

  • Jewellery at the 1862 Exhibition
    Charlotte Gere and Judy Rudoe

  • ‘Rapture and ridicule'
    Furniture in the 1862 Medieval Court
    Max Donnelly

  • Machinery in Motion
    The din and spectacle of progress
    John Agnew

  • Education at the 1862 Exhibition
    Anthony Burton

  • Representation, Rivalry and Transfer
    The German states and the 1862 Exhibition
    John R. Davis

  • Did Britain Win in 1862?
    Anthony Burton

  • Mr Gladstone has the Last Word
    The Society of Arts’ 1862 dinner
    David G. C. Allan


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